Brick is an everlasting and enduring building material that can be used to carve traditional buildings as well as the modern one. The unique properties of brick like it’s High-durability, flexibility, fire-resistivity and sound-proofing makes its invincible building material and all these at a very low cost.

What we do?
To deliver high-quality workmanship and art of masonry in the most pioneering way

  • We train our professionals to make symmetrical, balanced and stable joints in a proper way.
  • We recurrently organize assemblies to make our team aware of new installation strategies and skills to be on the top evolving design intricacy.
  • We provide special training to our employees for constructing arches, patterned corners, as well as piers, porticos and gables.
  • We do Arrangements and fixation of different coloured bricks in a peculiar way to enrich the project’s visual appeal and its beauty.

Brickwork, Brick Repair, Brick replacement, Brick Sealing, Brick Cleaning are all different techniques to enhance the look of your house, as well as offering superior protection from our Canadian weather.

Stone is a low-maintenance, durable, fireproof and long-lasting material that adds a natural looks to your home interiors as well as exteriors. Natural or Artificial, the aesthetically appealing nature of stone work with wide variety of color combination obliges everybody. The correct placement of random-sized stones is a very important factor that opens door for limitless design options, adding the uniqueness of your building.

  • Masonry Group brings over 15 years of experience and the expertise to diligently mount multi-sized, non-uniform stones to bring design to life.
  • Taking into consideration the best quality stones for better integration with each other.
  • We use Best quality types of materials when placing random-sized multi-colored stone.

Our stone work will change the look of your home through custom stone renovations to achieve updated look for your home or business.

We deliver various stone work services like new stone window sills, parging, flagstone, address stones and also on custom requests.

Tuck Pointing is a technique of filling the missing or deteriorated spaces between the bricks using mortar. The new mortar is color-matched to closely look like the existing mortar on the wall. IN this technique our professionals replace the damaged mortars with the new one by ‘tucking’ or pushing it into the damaged joints with a pointing tool.

Tuck Pointing can be done for chimney or entire wall or in just a smaller area of your building.

We provide:

  • Stone Tuck Pointing
  • Brick Tuck Pointing
  • Brick Chimney Tuck Pointing

One of the difficulties in tuck pointing is color matching of the old mortar joints with the new one. So we keep in mind to make not so noticeable and blends in with the existing brickwork. Masonry Group has mastered the method of color matching and gets as close to the original color as possible.

Tuck pointing carried out by Masonry Group restores these joints back to ideal condition, guarantee your walls remain strong and your building stays moisture free.

Masonry Group has been giving proficient chimney repair and rebuild services to customers in Toronto for more than 5 successful years. We have an extensive experience and have the capacity to rapidly survey a chimney’s state before suggesting the best course of action for it. Whether that is a complete rebuild or a basic tuck guiding work, you can simply expect a fair evaluation from us.

The kind of chimney services we provide:

  • Chimney Repairs – We fix all types of repairs for chimneys that include sealing and replacing of bad mortar.
  • Chimney Cleaning – Our repair program can fix your Cracked chimneys which is a potential hazard that can harm you any time.
  • Chimneys Construction – If you are in the course of building a new home, then you’ll need a chimney if planning on a fireplace.

You can avail these services from us, “Masonry Group contractors in Toronto”. We are totally dedicated towards stabilizing the life of your roof.

We will deliver you an exceptional service at incomparable rates that you can’t find anywhere else.

To get the authentic look of your home that has been missing for so long masonry restorations can be proved a boon that will make your building more valuable. Our restoration services are limitless and can do a magnificent restoration of your home for you.

Call Masonry Group today for an estimate on restoring your home or business.

We provide all type of fabulous brick and stone services.

Masonry Groups’ Restoration services can help in the following issues:

  • Cracking – Cracks appearing in the older homes over time is a common problem with older homes and buildings. Brick break down and crack appears in harsh weather conditions especially in Toronto.
  • Chimney Problems – Brick Erosion in chimney is a potential threat to your building. By changing and restoring the bricks in your chimney, it will be saved from future damages which could have severe effects on the home.
  • Insecure Walls – A leaning or deteriorating walls means they need restoration. Restoring the walls back to the original construction will also increase the value.
  • Leaks – Ageing of Bricks and stone can get leaks in them. The longer the leak, the more damaged your building/home will become.

We are one of the most trusted masons in and around Toronto having more than 5 year experience. If you want to get a quality masonry services at affordable prices you are at the right place.

Toronto’s winter can be cozy and the warm one for your family, if you let us build your dream fireplace. Whether it’s a wood burning masonry fireplaces or wood burning inserts we deliver expertise in Toronto. An elegant fireplace can be an attractive center of your home because “There’s nothing like the feel of a good fire”. A fine piece of stone work makes your fireplace more ravishing and that fine work you won’t find anywhere else.

With years of experience in the design and building we offer Fireplaces:

  • Energy Efficient Wood Burning Inserts – For a more complete looking fireplace of your exposed wood burner inserts are the best option. Call us today for more details.
  • Wood Burning Fireplaces – For a countryside charm you need Custom wood burning fireplaces.
  • Fireplace Design and Building, (with or without finishing work) – A decent looking fireplace will not only enrich the look if your home, but will also up the value of it.

It’s worth the investment in these beautifully working and esthetic fireplaces to make your family happy.

If you can think it, we surely can build it.




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